Review: Forgetting the Girl


Forgetting the Girl
(RAM Releasing)

Kevin Wolfe (Christopher Denham) just can’t seem to catch a break with the ladies. He’s asked out nearly every girl he’s photographed. Most say no. The few who have said yes discovered that Kevin is more than a handful. This lonely photog’s goth assistant Jamie (Lindsay Beamish) knows his track record with women. Despite it all, she has loved him from a far for a while. Although they work together, Kevin is preoccupied with his “real girls” and can’t be bothered — much to her dismay.

However, through a very unusual turn of events, boss and employee wind up sharing a night of passion, a deadly secret, and a resolution so shocking, it’ll leave you cringing the next day.

‘Forgetting the Girl’ is Nate Taylor’s intimate and creepy ode to the modern male. Through Denham, his love-shy anti-hero displays many of the ironically narcissistic qualities that pepper so many in his generation, while boasting a sense of desperation that swarms of young people are too embarrassed to own in public.

We, the audience, slowly learn of Kevin’s history and through this knowledge, gain an understanding of what could drive a person into the detachment he feels and the relationships he forms in adulthood.

Taylor’s storytelling propels the viewer into the midst of Kevin’s freaky little world where men get to do what they want, and women are left to clean up the mess.


‘Forgetting the Gir’l releases October 11, 2013.

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